Tuesday, October 04, 2005


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Now that the immediate needs of water, food, temporary housing and safety are starting to be met, the local and national arts community has become aware of the losses that artists, museums and other cultural facilities have sustained. They too need our help.

On Saturday, November 12, from 1-4 p.m., the Pasco Arts Council will sponsor a fundraiser for the art communities impacted by the recent hurricanes titled "Art to Art." Works of art and fine crafts will be sold to the
public for the purpose of raising money to benefit the arts ravished by these recent storms . . .

The funds and supplies will be donated to the Americans for the Arts Emergency Relief Fund, a permanent fund developed to provide timely financial assistance to victims of a major disaster for the purpose of helping rebuild the arts in an affected community. The Americans for the Arts have provided $100,000.00 in seed money to this fund to get started. For more information on the fund, go to www.AmericansFortheArts.org/EmergencyRelief. One hundred percent of funds raised will be distributed directly to local arts agencies to assist with their own recovery, their provision of needed services, and funding to affected nonprofit arts organizations and individual artists.


Artists are asked to donate a piece of their own work to be sold for this event and individuals who own a quality piece of artwork may also contribute. The event currently is scheduled to take place on November 11, from 1-4 (also for those who would like to attend, mark your calenders). Please submit pieces NO LATER THAN OCT. 24 (may be sent directly) to:

Pasco Arts Council
Katrina Relief Auction
5744 Moog Rd.
Holiday, FL 34653

Please include a suggested retail price for each piece as well as your contact info.

For further information, please call Marj Golub, Director, at (727) 845-7322 or at


my next project

i've emailed these folks & asked (never hurts, you never know) if they would send letters to kids free, at a discount, at cost ~ terri's latest observation about everyone's morale sparked this last idea. i figure most of the kids in the affected areas are a little out of sorts because the don't how power, home, etc. & worse yet, because they see their own parents' stress at losing a home or job.

Personalized Letters from Santa

this may be something - i hope the people at santamail.org respond.